Fonderie Mora Gavardo Spa

70 years of know-how for innovation.

For more than 70 years, Fonderia Mora Gavardo has been synonymous with excellence in the production of ductile, lamellar and special cast iron castings ranging from 10 kg to 120 tons. 

This high degree of flexibility is combined with a high level of quality that the company, unique in Italy and among few in Europe for production capacity and plant conception, guarantees through the entire production process in a consistent and certifiable manner. 

Fonderie Mora Gavardo uses the latest, most advanced technologies and know-how throughout the entire production process: from engineering and technical-production skills to precision machining. 

Synergy with the companies of the CSP (Camozzi Solutions Provider) Division of the Camozzi Group make Fonderie Mora Gavardo a complete technological partner, capable of providing raw castings of either semi-finished or finished pieces based on the client’s specifications.


A big production capacity

The production capacity is 32.000 ton/year, all the production processes are constantly monitored through metallurgical analysis and quality controls which are an essential support to the technologically advanced equipment.

The high quality of the product thus obtained and the constant equipment technological improvements allow Fonderie Mora Gavardo to meet its own customers’ requirements, from the small manufacturers to the big multinational groups.


From codesign to mechanical processings

Thanks to the expertise gained and to the continual pursuit of solutions for demanding industrial fields such as the energy and marine sectors, Fonderie Mora Gavardo is able to offer a service which goes beyond castings, including complementary stages of the supply chain.

Meeting the proper requirements of the sector, the company is able to support customers from the product co-design to the analysis of the most suitable materials, up to the manufacture, assembly, finishing in the workshop, packaging and transport to the customer.

The synergies with the companies of the Manufacturing Division, Marzoli Foundry (foundry of small and medium iron castings) and Innse Milano (mechanical processing in the heavy machinery), are able to offer the customer an arranged service which combines logistics and supply chain management.


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